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5 Top Comic Books for Adults

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Has it become one of your old habits or you are just thinking of adding more comic books for adults into your home library? Well, these five comic books for adults must be in your next book buying mission. Not only are they currently some of the best comic books of all time, but have been perfectly done.

Maus (Raw, Pantheon Books)

If you are an avid reader of comic books for adults, it is likely you have heard of this epic Holocaust comic. For many readers, this is not just one of those comic books you need to read before you actually die, it is a piece of writing that you need to experience once in your lifetime. The writer was exceptionally crafty for this is one comic book that will keep you glued from page to page. I would actually recommend it to anyone, anytime and anywhere for I can’t just get enough of it.

Preacher ( DC/ Vertigo)

For years, Vertigo has consistently and constantly continued to spoil us with some of the most creative and epic comic books the mainstream has ever witnessed; however, not even one of them has ever come close to being as dangerous and blasphemous as the Preacher. It is a brutal piece of art the writer has creatively managed to mix violence, sex and social commentary. Considering how the industry has become extremely corporate-friendly, it is even hard to imagine if a book of this magnitude will ever hit our bookstores shelves again.

Ghost World (Fantagraphics Books)

Hitting our bookstores in 1993, this comic book wouldn’t have come at a better time than that. The whole drama centers on two girls, Enid and Rebecca, who spend most of their time wandering and mocking what is happening round them. At the end, the author managed to deliver a mind wrenching piece of writing that comes fully packed with humor, as well as, the heart to eventually work.

Sandman ( DC/Vertigo)

Written by Neil Gaiman, this epic book has in a way grabbed the attention of millions and millions of readers across the industry. The book coming fully packed with complex characters and narratives, it goes without noticing how the writer did manage to simultaneously make both tangible and divine. The whole book is based on a god-like master, the Morpheus. As if that is not even enough; the rhythmic poetry and literary allusion the Neil Gaiman managed to pull off through out the book, for sure, is unlike anything the industry has seen in the last few decades. This comic book is a high-end piece of art that will continue to send shock-waves across the industry now and years to come.

Essex County (Top Shelf Productions)

Sitting pretty at position 5 has to be this Jeff Lemire book; Essex County. Interestingly, despite the different approach the writer took, it is amazing how its presence has been felt across the market. Without any kind of fantasy and superpowers theatrics and elements, this book is largely based on a very small Canadian community. The whole drama touches on fathers issues, lost loves, compassion and rivalry, as well. At the end, as devastating as the book is, it is also as warm as it is; there is an avalanche of moments that will make you cry.